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Be Inspired - December 2021
  • Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival

    (Buenos Aires) This annual festival attracts hundreds of local and international musicians to Argentina’s capita city. A series of concerts, some free, take place throughout Buenos Aires.

  • Polo Argentine Open

    (Buenos Aires) A premier global tournament, this event is the world’s top international polo tournament. The Polo Argentine Open is a major highlight of Buenos Aires’ annual sporting events.

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  • National Samba Day

    (Rio de Janeiro) In true Brazilian style, National Samba Day (December, 2nd) is one big, musical party. There are events all over the city organised by samba schools, including the 'Samba Train' party from Central do Brasil station to Oswaldo Cruz.

  • Rio de Janeiro New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve is Rio de Janeiro's second most popular holiday. Like Carnival, New Year's Eve (or Réveillon) requires advance planning and August is a great time to get started, as that's when several hotels release their New Year's packages.

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  • International Sand Sculpture Competition

    (Rio de Janeiro) A bucket and spade just won't be sufficient for the International Sand Sculpture Competition on Rio de Janeiro's Botafogo Beach. Expect to see the most elaborate works of art, carefully and painstakingly made from sand.

  • Lisbon Marathon

    (Lisboa) Every year in December, the streets of the Portuguese capital are invaded by the Lisbon Marathon – Portugal’s oldest marathon event.

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  • Óbidos Vila Natal

    Visit Óbidos – Christmas Town – and enter a truly magical world! From, the beginning of December, Óbidos fills up with light, colour and fantasy - transforming into a dreamlike setting where everyone – children and adults – can enjoy magical experiences, amongst a wide array of attractions and amusements.

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  • Art Basel Miami Beach

    Miami hosts the most prestigious art show in the United States, hosting more than 260 prominent galleries, art dealers, and artists from across the globe. This is a top destination for the major players within the international art world.

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  • Mother City Queer Project

    (Cape Town) The largest gay and lesbian party of the year has become an international phenomenon.

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