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Buenos Aires

While it European roots are prevalent in its architecture and history, Buenos Aires is a Latin city, with its spectacular nightlife, passionate people, and unique culture.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s largest city, as well as its capital. It is located on the western shore on the Rio de la Plata on the southeastern coast of the country, and has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. There are 2.8 million people residing within city limits, with an additional 8 million who live in its suburbs. The city is divided into 48 barrios, or districts, and 15 communes.

Buenos Aires is the political, financial, commercial, and economic center of Argentina, with a busy harbor thanks its strategic river location. The city is the center of the country’s financial and business industries.

Buenos Aires attracts millions of visitors every year. While the “Paris of South America” has a notoriously active nightlife, its sophistication and culture make it a well-rounded city with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Buenos Aires has a thriving theater district, boasts a world-class zoo, one of the world’s most renowned opera houses, and possesses a plethora of museums dedicated to history and art. Symphony orchestras, choral societies, wine clubs, jazz festivals, and a twice-annual international fashion week put Buenos Aires in the global spotlight. Who knew that the home of the tango is also home of dozens of bookstores, and one of the top-five book fairs in the world? Walk Buenos Aires’ cobbled roads and see city’s local artistic flair demonstrated in its vibrant street art performances and exhibits and colorful murals. The shopping districts are among the finest anywhere on the planet.

While Buenos Aires possesses refined culture, it also flaunts a spicy side. The city boasts one of the most active nightlife’s in the entire world. Sleek clubs, bustling casinos, restaurants open until the wee hours of the morning, and chic bars that attract a trendy, youthful crowd are staples of Buenos Aires after dark. Home of the tango, Portenos (citizens of Buenos Aires, or port people) love to dance, and do it well and often. Buenos Aires sends off a kinetic energy, especially at night, but in the daytime, too.

The city aptly reflects the people of Buenos Aires: creative, passionate, beautiful, and fashionable. Argentines are warm, unreserved, and are relationship-driven. Their friendly hospitality and openness with strangers is one of the reasons the city boasts a thriving tourist industry. They take care about the way they look, are athletic, and cognizant of the latest fashions. Buenos Aires is a modern, stylish town full of modern, stylish people. Yet, portenos are never snobbish; they are sophisticated yet remain gracious and accommodating to visitors.

Sports are a major component of Buenos Aires’ life. Argentines are passionate about football (soccer) and Buenos Aires has more football teams than any other city in the world. Polo, golf, rugby, cricket, basketball, and field hockey are other popular sports.

Getting around in Buenos Aires is convenient, thanks to its wide variety of transportation options and easy-to-navigate grid street pattern. Buenos Aires has a commuter rail system, an underground metro transportation system, tramways, buses, and an abundance of taxis. Transportation is cheap and efficient.

Unlike other major South American cities, Buenos Aires is safe and clean, making it the most desirable destination in all of Latin America. To get the most out of Argentina’s greatest city, live like a local. Have breakfast in a small café, browse the many shops, dance the tango, indulge in a glass of local wine, and experience the culture and history of a dynamic city always on the verge of change. However, we must warn you: You may never want to leave.

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    Over 12 million people live in the city and suburbs of Buenos Aires! The capital is divided into 49 barrios, or neighborhoods.

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