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Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil and one of our premier Honeymoon destinations.
This area has a similar feel to the Virgin Islands because its sun drenched bay is composed of 365 islands and 2000 scenic beaches.
The main attraction is "Ilha Grande"; The largest island and once a pirate colony nowadays is one of the most famous tourist points. Angra is often associated with rock stars, movie stars, models, and other glamorous visitors that frequent the exotic tropical paradise.

One of the main events in the region is the Maritime Boat Parade / Religious Procession on January 1, when boats are ornamented to salute the New Year. Surrounded by more than a hundred paradisiacal beaches, walking trails and beautiful waterfalls, Ilha Grande is the largest island in the Ilha Grande Bay and a true ecological sanctuary. Nature is an open invitation to water sports and long walks in many woods in the region. Vila do Abrao, the island's main locality has an infrastructure that provides visitors with good lodgings, boat rental sand scuba diving gear. There are beaches waiting to be explored, where the views are spectacular.

The most famous spots are Angra dos Reis, Paraty (a historically preserved town of beautiful baroque architecture), Itacuruçá and Ilha Grande. In addition to Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis is known for numerous other beautiful islands.
A complete Angra experience requires boat tours to really get the most out of the extraordinary tropical aquatic scenery and to go diving and swimming in the crystal clear waters or to go fishing for you sportsmen out there. Along the coast densely covered with subtropical vegetation, one can go hiking and encounter breathtaking waterfalls some of which are gradual which you can slide down as if they were water park slides.
It's hard to keep your eyes on the road driving around the region because the views along the coastline are really spectacular.

Located just a 2.5 hour drive South of Rio de Janeiro, it is spread out over an area of 819 square km.


Angra dos Reis - Highlights
  • Angra - Bay of Kings

    Its name means ‘Bay of Kings’ and it does full justice to its name. Its Angra dos Reis, which would make even a king, fall under its magical spell.

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