Shopping at Paraty

Shopping at Paraty

Looking for the perfect souvenir - look no further! Paraty is exploding with artistic flavour - you will find an eclectic mix of "lojas" or shops to suit all your shopping needs.

Spend an afternoon (or many!) strolling the cobblestone streets and discover the hidden treasures Paraty has to offer. Around every corner , a pleasant surprise awaits - a cachaça tasting or a painter at work - you will not be disappointed.

* Wooden Sculptures

Witness wood come alive in the incredible sculptures available in Paraty. Whether in the shape of a fishing boat, native woman or a decorative flower - you will de impressed by the skills of the artists. Check out the daily Art & Crafts fair or many of the small arts and crafts shops scattered throughout the historic centre.

* Handcrafts

Paraty is renowned for its handcrafts - ranging from handmade carpets, throws and hammocks to typical pottery and sculptures. An ideal gift to bring back home.

* Cachaça

A journey to Paraty is not complete without entering a Cachaça store. Shelves and shelves stocked with many varieties of the sugar cane drink as well as canned fruit, marmalades and jams to make you succumb to temptation. Check out Emporio da Cachaca , Armazen da Cachaca or Escritorio da Cachaca.

* Paintings

Paraty is a little town of artists. There are some really interesting art galleries some with amazingly creative and witty pieces of art. In some cases you might find your way into an artist´s studio or find them right in the cobbled streets, at work, painting!