Bali Golf & Country Club

Bali Golf & Country Club

"Here at Bali Golf & Country Club in Nusa Dua, Bali, we’re all about the golf.

We could wax lyrical about the views, the location, the sea breezes and the tropical paradise setting, and probably will, but when it comes right down to it, when you get out on the golf course it’s all about your game. That dimpled white ball is king around here, and your scorecard its humble servant.

Which is why, at Bali Golf & Country Club, where we strive to offer every golfer the very best possible golfing experience ever, we do everything in our power to make every day a great golfing day.

Whether you are a beginner golfer, playing off scratch, a pro or just the average weekend-golfer, Bali Golf & Country Club honours you and your game: we celebrate real people playing real golf.

What is it that makes Bali Golf & Country Club the ‘best golfing experience’? Great location? Hole-in-one. Challenging yet playable? Birdie. Well-maintained? Eagle. Customer service, facilities, golf carts, caddies. It’s our overall package that makes every day a great golfing day. From the changing room to the tee box, to the fairway, to the greens, and even the hazards, and onwards to the 19th, as well as our Ancora Golf Institute, we make sure our internationally designed 18 hole golf course offers you the best possible venue to play a round of golf. A round that will leave you feeling inspired to tackle the next round – no matter how your scorecard reads."

Source: Bali Golf & Country Club