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When we think about Alentejo, we can write about its beautiful beaches, hills and endless plains. Its cork, olive oil, wine – and a great deal of space left over for simple nature, rosemary and lavender.

Alentejo has a proud people, a forgotten history; you can find a discrete creativity, but also the quivering tranquillity of life.

It’s like the magician’s top hat delved into all the time: out pop rugs, cowbells, tasty titbits. Alentejo holds humour, patience, bonhomie; and so much sagacity that, so well developed, catches lovers and the rash in the mesh of a slumbering philosophy that is not without its risks.

Alentejo is a subtly knotted web that stretches out and makes it harder to go away. For those who have been here and for those who live here. So much is left behind, so much that has not been tasted…

It’s a painless yearning, a feeling that brings to each hardy day a secret taste, an inebriating sensation that, quite close by, one can find paradise lost.

Lying within the grasp of all, the Alentejo is a closed coffer the key to which lies in one’s heart.

Source: Turismo de Portugal

Alentejo - Highlights
  • Carvalhal Beach

     The Carvalhal Beach has been famous in the past years as one of the most trendy beaches in Grandola region.

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  • Évora

    Évora is one of Portugal's finest and most delightful towns. It is a true open-air museum with a large number of wonderfully preserved monuments and buildings of public interest that led UNESCO to protect it as a World Heritage Site.

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  • Vila Nova de Mil Fontes

    Vila Nova de Milfontes has been named as the “Alentejo’s Princess”, due to its very own charm and attractiveness.
    This small village is located in the Odemira department, in the Alentejo coastline, and is a fishing village with a strong connection to the ocean, in the estuary of the Mira river (...)

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