About Vilamoura...

About Vilamoura...

Vilamoura is nowadays one of the biggest centres in Europe.

Golf, tennis, horse-riding, equipment to go shooting and fishing, a casino and an aerodrome are complemented by a tourist complex where the big star is the marina.

Not only for its size - the biggest in the country, with 1300 moorings - and its exceptional infrastructures, but also for its visual beauty and its waterfront, where bars, hotels, restaurants and a yacht club comprise the attractions for those who pass by. The marina is the fashionable hangout for the tourist complex.

** Marina de Vilamoura **

With its 1300 berths, the Marina at Vilamoura is the largest in the country.

After passing through the entrance at the bar (which has never been closed), there is a safe anchorage protected by two jetties (the western one is 660 metres long and the eastern one 430 metres long). This provides access to the inner harbour via a small channel where the reception quay and fuel supply station are to be found.

The harbour is divided into two separate areas for boats with different draughts and is navigable by boats with draughts of up to 4 metres and up to 50 metres in length. However, as a precaution, boats that are more than 35 metres long and have draughts of more than 3 metres should contact the marina services by radio (VHF, channels 9 and 16) before entering, in order to obtain the latest information on the marina's depth. The marina has an extremely wide range of facilities for pleasure craft, including repair services (boatyard, electrical repairs, repairs to engines and sails) and has a 30-ton portal crane, 3-ton travelling crane and 1-ton electric crane, ramp and tidal grid.

There are all kinds of shops around the marina (including a chemist's and banks), as well as restaurants, hotels and a yacht club, all of which help to make the visitor's stay even more pleasant.
Situated in the heart of the Algarve coast, the Vilamoura Marina is surrounded by magnificent beaches and prestigious tourist developments, with several golf courses close at hand.

Source: Turismo de Portugal

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