Lisbon Nights Out

Lisbon Nights Out

Lisbon is one European capital that benefits from one of the greatest assets available to the modern city: its streets may be fully and safely enjoyed after nightfall.

As the heat of the day mellows with the setting sun, the gentler temperature entices us out into the street. For now, the calm of dusk holds sway. But, as night progresses, the pace begins picking up.

The streets of Lisbon are not keen on sleeping. The restaurants, ‘cervejarias’ or beer gardens, bars, café esplanades and discos are all geared for partying.

For anyone wishing to bid the day farewell over an aperitif and a little chat or for those wishing to get into the mood for a night packed with bars and discos, the esplanades are the right place to be. Some can be found tucked away in leafy gardes, as is the case with the Príncipe Real and Jardim da Estrela esplanades. Others open up onto the hills of Lisbon such as the café-viewpoints of Santa Luzia, Santa Catarina and Graça.Alternatively, head down to the river. To the east and to the west, there are esplanades turning their back on the city to look out over the water, taking in the silvery light show provided by the city’s reflection out on the waters. There is all kinds of choice running from the Santo Amaro Docks at one end to the more recent Parque das Nações recreational complex at the other.

A meeting point for all ages, cosmopolitan by their very nature, this is where friends meet up to plan their nights out. As the hour advances, they gradually disperse out to the city’s many bars and discos.

Thus, let us salute the Lisbon nightlife. Charge your glasses. A toast!

Source: Turismo de Portugal