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Capital and gateway to the north of Portugal, Porto is both the city that provided a nation with a name and a fortified wine known world-wide: port.

With its splendid geographical location on the mouth of the river Douro and an architectural heritage of exceptional quality, the historic centre of Porto was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1996. Porto is the capital of the North and the second largest city in the country; its hard-working inhabitants are noted for their commercial enterprise, always standing firm against outside impositions and foreign invaders, which explains why Porto has become known as the «unvanquished» city.

In addition to its history, any visitor to Porto will be quickly impressed by the forceful character both of the city and its inhabitants.

If you want to get to know the city better, we recommend a gentle stroll through its streets, taking time to admire the typical granite houses and monuments, enjoying a tram ride along the banks of the river, or even going for a boat ride under the city´s six bridges, from where you can enjoy an entirely different view of the city. These itineraries seek to demonstrate the impressive contrasts this city has to offer. The "Baixa (Downtown)" of Porto, with all the rhythms of city life, its movement and intense retailing.

There is a very peculiar expression which bestows a Nordic, mercantile tone onto a city that is both spiritually and intensely baroque. In sharp contrast, in the Serralves Park, there is the sheer modernity of the building housing the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the romantic, soothing surroundings of the surrounding leafy park.

Source: Turismo de Portugal

Porto - Highlights
  • Discover Wines from Douro & Porto

    Discover the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. The Douro awaits you. Let the Port Wine Route surprise you!

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  • Discover Douro Valley by train...

    Relive the early 20th Century pastime of exploring the Douro valley by train.

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  • Traditional flavours from Douro...

    Sample the traditional flavours of the Douro region’s cuisine and wines. And finish it all off with one of its sumptuous desserts.

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  • Vineyards from Douro...

    Across the sweepingly impressive slopes of the Douro valley, Man created the world’s best known fortified wine. Come and discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Port region.

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  • Porto Restaurants & Cafes

    The Portuguese from other parts of Portugal will say that you'll eat well in Oporto. By that they mean large portions and authentic cuisine, and the city does have what is often recognized as one of the country's best restaurants, "Bull & Bear".

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  • Gay Venues in Porto

    Porto remains a conservative and closeted city, with its very first Pride Week having only taken place for the first time in 2001 and the annual pride march only in 2006. But the march does have the honor to go down the main avenue, Avenida dos Aliados, indicating that the city is slowly opening itself up to gay life.

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  • Shopping in Porto

    You'll find the international retailers you're familiar with down "Rua de Santa Catarina", where you'll also find the Via Catarina shopping mall which is a convenient shopping mecca. Big labels are also found down Avenida da Boavista (Avis District), while Rua do Almada is the street for alternative shops relating to music and urban culture.

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  • Portugal Fashion

    Portugal Fashion takes place in Porto, twice a year.

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