Discover Douro Valley by train...

Discover Douro Valley by train...

Relive the early 20th Century pastime of exploring the Douro valley by train.

The real stars of an historic train ride through the Douro valley are the carriages and the steam and diesel locomotives that pull them. Travelling at 30 kilometres an hour, these trains evoke a time when they were the only connection between Port producing villages and the outside world.

Follow the course of the river by travelling along the Linha do Douro. The railway line from Porto to Pocinho is a remarkable feat of engineering, overcoming the various natural obstacles with the help of 26 tunnels and 30 bridges. The result is an unforgettable journey though scenery of great natural beauty.The older stations are of particular interest, particularly Régua, which was the most important in the region. The station at Pinhão, on the other hand, is one of the country’s most beautiful, with façades of decorative tiles depicting scenes of vineyard workers and views of the local countryside.

You can also travel along the Linha do Douro in regular trains from Porto, that leave from the city’s old São Bento station. Or you can combine your train ride with the programme of local boat rides. Two great ways to see the river.

Source: Turismo de Portugal