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Miami sits on the southernmost tip of Florida, which is the southernmost state within the continental U.S. Miami boasts a tropical climate; millions come from all over the world to bask in the sun on long stretches of pristine, sandy beaches. 

Miami contains a robust downtown area that’s one of America’s cultural and entertainment meccas, drawing top musical acts and offering some of the world’s finest dining, shopping experiences, art galleries, and nightlife. Miami thrives on its business, financial, and tourism markets; therefore, the downtown and surrounding area is replete with high-end hotel and resort accommodations, including the famous Setai Hotel and Resort and the legendary Fountainebleau, a hotel and resort featured in a James Bond film. The Fountainebleau has been a proud host of a number of celebrities like Elvis, Bob Hope, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and others.

Miami is also famous for its modern architecture. Miami Modernist Architecture, or MiMo, emerged in the 1950s and 60s. Clean, minimalist buildings reflect the easy-going, fresh, carefree Miami lifestyle. The Miami Beach Architectural District is a U.S. historic site, and is located in South Beach. The district contains over 900 ArtDeco buildings, most built in the 1920s and 30s, including the Fountainebleau Hotel. ArtDeco is characterized by pastel colors, neoclassical designs, and details inspired by geometric patterns. ArtDeco is now a term synonymous with glamorous South Beach style.

Miami culture is strongly influenced by its Cuban inhabitants. Little Havana, especially, is a slice of Cuba in America. Salsa music, Mojitos, cigar stores, barrel-tiled roofs, and paella and plantanas fritos are almost as abundant in Miami as they are in Havana.

Southern Florida offers a wide array of activities, and because Miami sits on the water, water sports and activities are a part of every day life. There are plenty of places to rent a kayak, canoe, jet-ski, or snorkeling gear. Fishermen would be remiss not to go deep sea fishing, where they can snag snappers, marlin, swordfish, or shark.

The adventurous might opt for catching the waves on a surfboard of body board, and there are ample opportunities to take scuba-diving lessons from a pro.

Those who prefer life inland watch the waves come in from their lounger, strategically place beneath a canopy or palm tree.

The summer months in Florida are accompanied by afternoon rain storms, which provide a much-needed relief from the sticky heat. On rainy afternoons, visitors can enjoy art galleries, the children’s museum, the large Seaquarium, or choose that time to indulge in a massage, pedicure, or facial at one of Miami’s many world-class spas.

Miami visitors have quick access to the Everglade Forest, a tropical forest that is home to thousands of species of birds, like the osprey, the crane, and the bald eagle, as well as alligators, manatee, and the elusive Florida Panther.

Miami is such a popular tourist destination because it is one of those rare cities that delight all five senses. Visitors cantaste its flavorful cuisine, smell the scent of the ocean as it wafts inland upon a tropical breeze, hear the lively music that emanates each evening from nightclubs, indulge in the touch of a skilled masseuse at a world-class spa, and bask in views of stretches of ocean, city skylines, and the lush surrounding wilderness. Do all this, and you will have experienced Miami.

Miami - Highlights
  • Luxury...

    Miami’s beauty, culture, and vibrant night nightlife attract residents and visitors who seek luxury living within a vibrant, cultural society...

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  • Golf

    Miami’s tropical climate produces some of the most vibrant, lush golf greens in the world. Miami is home to the CA Championships, one of four World Golf Championship Events.

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  • Art | Culture | Fashion...

    From the moment you step off the plane into the Miami International Airport, you realize that Miami is a dynamic and unique cultural destination. The MIA is an art gallery in itself, boasting permanent and visiting exhibits, and contains long corridors full of murals, mosaics, mobiles, and paintings by world famous artists.

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  • Nightlife

    Miami is famous for its animated nightlife.

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  • Wine & Restaurants

    Miami has an enthusiastic community of wine lovers as well several options of local and international cuisine.

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  • Gay Miami

    Miami is a top destination for the LGBT community, attracting thousands of visitors with its gay-friendly attractions.

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  • Miami City Guide

    The word “Miami” generally includes the downtown area and the surrounding beach communities.
    Miami Beach is actually a separate city, and includes South Beach, the areas hottest vacation destination. Downtown Miami is a bastion of financial commerce, attracting business moguls from across the globe....

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