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From the moment you step off the plane into the Miami International Airport, you realize that Miami is a dynamic and unique cultural destination. The MIA is an art gallery in itself, boasting permanent and visiting exhibits, and contains long corridors full of murals, mosaics, mobiles, and paintings by world famous artists.

Miami’s major art museums include the Miami Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bass Museum of Art, and the Lowe Art Museum. Hundreds of small galleries are scattered throughout Miami, many boasting work by local artists.

Other cultural destinations include the Miami City Ballet, the Haitian Heritage Museum, and the Jewish Museum of Florida.

The world is beginning to take note of Miami’s vibrant theater district. Popular venies includes the famous Jackie Gleason Theater, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, and the Actor’s Playhouse.

Miami was at the center of the fashion world in October of 2010, when they held their first ever Miami Fashion Fest, which brought top designers, major celebrities, runway models, and media outlets to participate in various events. The annual Miami Beach International Fashion Week, which takes place in March, is an opportunity for Latin and Caribbean fashion designers to make an impact within the global fashion scene.