Wine & Restaurants

Miami has an enthusiastic community of wine lovers. Every year, the city holds an annual Miami Wine and Food Festival, which attracts the best wineries, winemakers, and brewers to support the South Florida community. The close-knit wine community offers a variety of wine tastings, semimars, and gatherings that bring wine lovers across Miami together to partake in fine wine, food, and sophisticated company.

Miami’s inclusive restaurant cuisine provides fare for every palate. Visitors to Miami must experience the best in Cuban cooking in Little Havana. Currently, fusion fare is the the trend Miami Beach, which is comprimised of a younger, hip crowd: Asian, French, and Latin Food is served with fanfare. Seafood, Caribbean cuisine, and various South American flavors are prevalent through Miami and its surrounding areas.

The hottest Miami restaurants are open late, with a typical dinner beginning at 8 or 9 in the evening. Patron may enjoy a fine wine with dinner, and then head to a cocktail bar for drinks afterward.

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